Hy-Q International has been supplying the electronics and communications industry with frequency control devices worldwide since 1969. Our products are either custom made to our customers exacting requirements or drawn from our extensive stock of ready made products. Hy-Q specialises in supplying Quartz Crystal Resonators, Crystal Oscillators, TCXO’s, VCXO’s OCXO’s, and Crystal Filters, in either through hole or surface mount designs.

We also supply Ceramic Resonators, Filters and Discriminators, SAW Devices and Trimmer Capacitors, as well as a large selection of specialised acoustic devices such as Micro Speakers, Buzzers, and Electret Condenser Microphones.

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Quartz Crystals

For precise frequency control, quartz crystal resonators have proved indispensable. The material properties of crystalline quartz are such that quartz resonators display stabilities and Q factors that can not be matched by other types of resonator over a frequency range from a few kHz to 200+ MHz.

Quartz Crystal Oscillators


The comprehensive range of Hy-Q temperature compensated quartz crystal oscillators (TCXO), voltage controlled quartz crystal oscillators (VCXO) and a combination of both (TCVCXO), provide a choice of package size, supply voltage, output waveform and performance where a low power, stable frequency source is required. In addition to the above types of oscillators, Hy-Q also offers a wide range of Clock Oscillators (SPXO) including DIL type packages, for applications where relatively high frequency stability is not required.

Quartz Crystal Filters

QC53 Quartz Crystal Filter

Quartz Crystal Filters are the optimum choice where the application requires selective narrow band filtering at HF and VHF frequencies. Crystal filters are widely used in radio receivers as well as many other communications applications. The very high level of Q of the quartz crystal resonators they use makes them ideal for use as the primary band pass RF filter in high performance radio receivers.

Hy-Q provides a wide spectrum of standard and custom specific filters for telecommunication, navigation, and avionics.

Ceramic Devices

JTBM455 Ceramic Discriminator
ZTA Ceramic Resonator

Ceramic Resonators
A Ceramic Resonator is sometimes referred to as a dielectic resonator. They are commonly used for timing devices which create a clock signal. This type of signal oscillates between a high and low state using a piece of piezoelectric ceramic, connected to two or more electrodes. A resonator can have a built in capacitor to help save space on a printed circuit board. Ceramic Resonators are ideal for applications where the precision of the frequency may not be so critical, such as microprocessors.

Ceramic Filters
Ceramic Filters are widely used in RF and IF band-pass filter applications for radio receivers and transmitters. These RF & IF ceramic filters are low cost, generally easy to use and in many ways ideal for a host of applications where the performance and specification of a crystal filter is not needed.

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